Problema resuelto  - Problem gelöst (Problem solved)

Problema resuelto - Problem gelöst (Problem solved)

Fernando Sorrentino

Magic seeps into everyday life in these entertaining short stories of Argentinean author Sorrentino. The stories may first seem mundane, but soon take bizarre turns, unveiling the ludicrousness of everyday life, while never taking themselves too seriously.

Published by Düsseldorf University Press, 2014


The series Düsseldorf übersetzt reveals the process of translation by juxtaposing the original and the translated text. Edited by Vera Elisabeth Gerling and Andrea Schmittmann.

Translated from Spanish into German by: Francie Boortz, Hanna Christine Fliedner, Emilia Gagalski, Sophie Hübschmann, Hoda Istan, Doreen Klahold, Sonia López, Johanna Malcher, Katharina Meyer, Anna-Maria Orlacchio, Sandra Fuertes Romero, Andrea Schmittmann, Nina Schürmann, Verena-Loraine Trzaskowski, Jana Wahrendorff, Constanze Wehnes, Tanja Wichmann, Aletta Wieczorek and Stephanie Zysk.

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