Father may be an Elephant ...

Father may be an Elephant ...

Gogu Shyamala

... and Mother only a small Basket, but ...

The Indian author was born into the caste of the Dalit - the "Untouchables". From the stance of a Dalit woman, these twelve short stories speak of life and toils of the Dalit, of their fight against tradition-steeped discrimination and their wish to keep their own traditions alive.

Published by Löcker, 2017


Translated into German by Mareike Aepker, Theresa Benkert, Theresia Brasche, Martin Fischer, Friederike Hofert, Sarah Ann-Kathrin Kranz, Julia Königs, Helena Küster, Mareike Ilsemann, Louisa Kuck, Julia Renner, Annabelle Staiger, Laura Strack, Jennifer Thomas, Sara Walczyk, Maike Wender, Constanze Wehnes and Fabienne Weuffen. Published by Löcker. Edited by Stephanie Kreiner

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